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Posted: 30th November 2011 by Doug Cavin in Product Review's

Many of us use our smartphones on a daily basis to stay updated and amused with a variety of apps. But have you ever thought of taking your mobile device with you when you go fishing? Although it’s not waterproof, your iPhone or similar device can serve as a useful reference tool for identifying fish, learning knots, and keeping track of what you catch. There are even a few games you can download to keep you amused when you can’t be out fishing. Here are the ten best fishing apps available that any serious fisherman should consider downloading.

1. Orvis Fly Fishing App –This app provides everything you wanted to know about fly fishing. It includes a guide with animated knots, fly casts, common casting mistakes, a guide to common fly patterns, and lots more to make you a fly fishing expert. You will even stay updated with an informative podcast, fishing news, and reports from Orvis. This is expensive as far as apps go, but you won’t find this much information in any other single app. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. ($24.99, purchase includes $10 gift certificate)

2. Animated Fishing Knots – Learn how to tie the blood knot, the slim beauty knot, and many others you may or may not have heard of with animated instructions. With information on 31 knots and how to use them, you won’t find a better knot resource in an app. Available for iPhone/iPad. ($0.99)

3. Flick Fishing – When you can’t get out to fish, you can still enjoy the sport with this game. It includes 7 locations, 9 types of bait and tackle, 12 tournaments and many different fish species with impressive graphics. It’s also the 25th best-selling game of all time on iTunes and the top fishing app. You might find that it’s quite addictive! Available for iPhone/iPad. ($0.99)

4. Navionics 5.0 – Forget your paper navigation chart and use this app when you’re out on the lake. From the leader in electronic navigation charts, this app includes features like route planning, up-to-date info on wind, tides, and currents, and downloadable charts for wherever you are. You won’t find a more detailed resource for navigating out on the water. Available for iPhone/iPad. ($14.99)

5. The Weather Network – This is an essential tool for any fisherman – there’s no excuse not to download this one! View current and future weather with a GPS feature that tracks exactly where you are, even on the go. The layout is elegant and the features are easy to use. Available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile. (Free)

6. North American Fish Guide – This is a great reference guide for those fishing in the U.S. or Canada. It includes detailed descriptions and illustrations for over 100 of the most common freshwater fish. This is definitely the tool you need for identifying the fish you catch. Available for Android only. ($0.99)

7. Fugawi iMap – Having trouble finding a good topographic map application? Look no further. This app from a Canadian company helps you navigate anywhere on land, especially when you go off road into remote areas looking for a secluded lake or stream. You can switch between topo maps and Google satellite views, track your progress, and zoom in for a better view. Available for iPhone/iPad. ($4.99)

8. Bass Tournament Pro – If you fish in tournaments, this is the perfect app for you. It helps you easily track the fish in your live well, tells you which ones to cull, and keeps track of time. This app is a breeze to set up and use so that you don’t waste any time in a tournament. Available for iPhone. ($2.99)

9. Rapala Pro Bass Fishing – Here’s another game that will make you feel like a pro. Compete against pro fishermen in 25 events with ‘Sports TV’ commentary. You can even against other people online or with a multi-player feature. It may be a little cheesy, but it’s lots of fun. Available for iPhone/iPad. ($0.99)

10. Fishin’ Buddy Lite – Keep a fishing diary right on your phone. Record location, time, weather, species, lure, and other information. You can review past fishing trips and events to guess when and where you might be successful on future trips. You may also want to save your data so that you can brag to your friends on Monday morning with the stats to prove it. Available for Android. (Free)

This article was submitted by Molly Cunningham. To learn more about Molly please click here.

  1. skg says:

    My new fishing app called iFishEarth is available freely on the iPhone App Store. It lets users easily see fishing reports/pictures from guides in a bunch of different areas via a map based interface. Visit to learn more and view some cool fishing reports.

  2. saxoncroft says:

    Has anyone tried the new FishmarX app

  3. David Poulton says:

    Do you know of any good apps for running a fishing tournament? I run bream event in Australia which are run on similar lines to you bass events. So it would need to record the anglers name or team name, number of fish day 1 and weight of fish day 1 then the same for day 2. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Doug Cavin says:

    I run a tournament series as well and if there was an app for this it would be great. However i have not seen or heard of one yet.

  5. Doug Cavin says:

    You need to look into I have been using it since last year and they will be coming out with a phone app for directors as well.

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