During the 2011 Bassmaster Classic Media Day Berkley released the Havoc line of baits. The first series of baits include the Pit Boss, Craw Fatty and Devil Spear. The baits were designed by Skeet Reese, Bobby Lane and Mike Iaconelli.

With the recent flooding throughout Ohio and around the US a lot of lakes have tons of newly flooded bushes just begging to have a bait flipped in it. These conditions made it perfect to test out the new Havoc Pit Boss and Craw Fatty.

For testing I used two different setups. Setup one was a 7’6″ XH Duckett Fishing Micro Magic rod, Ardent Outdoors F700 Denny Brauer Signature reel and Vicious Fishing 65lb braid. Setup two was a 7’6″H Duckett Fishing Micro Magic rod, Ardent Outdoors XS100 and Vicious Fishing Pro Elite 17lb fluorocarbon. Both baits were rigged on a Mustad 2/0 Denny Brauer flippin hook with a 3/8oz Eco Pro tungsten green pumpkin weight.

It didn’t take long to figure out how the bass were related to the new cover. The bass were tight to the base of trees and would suspend in the bushes. I used the 7’6″XH with braid to punch through the brush and the 7’6H with fluorocarbon to flip around the trees.

The Havoc Pit Boss in green pumpkin was the first to be tested for punching through the bushes. The bait easily went through the leaves and limbs. The body of the bait is kind of on the thick side which made the Pit Boss very durable making it possible to catch multiple fish on each bait. The appendages were also surprisingly durable. Out of over 20 baits only two baits had one or more appendage torn off.

I flipped the Havoc Craw Fatty on both setups as well but unfortunately we didn’t have the Craw Fatty in green pumpkin but had black/blue. I believe this made a huge difference in the amount of bites we got on it. We still caught a handful of fish on it but the bite was much slower. I believe if I had the green pumpkin we would have caught just as many as we did on the Pit Boss.

The Havoc Craw Fatty is wide but very slim which allowed the bait to punch through the bushes with ease. Again this bait is very durable allowing multiple fish per bait. Throughout the testing we went through one pack of baits and none of them had any appendages torn off.

You may have noticed I spoke about the appendages on both baits. This is a real pet-peeve of mine. I will not use a bait once it has a craw or leg torn off. I have to change to a new bait. I think it is one of those angler OCD things. However the Pit Boss and Craw Fatty really impressed me with how durable they are.

The Havoc line of baits has been impressive to this point and I can only see it getting better as more baits are released. Both the Pit Boss and Craw Fatty will be a permanent part of my arsenal.

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