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American Airlines is the most recent organization to sign on to help active duty soldiers rehabilitating from war injuries by sponsoring Kayak Angler Society of America’s Heroes on the Water (HOW) Program. The sponsorship will go a long way toward improving the ability of HOW members and volunteers to reach soldiers across the nation and […]

“There has been a significant amount of speculation regarding the state’s incentive package for Mercury Marine. While the Department of Commerce does not release details regarding on-going negotiations with companies, because doing so would likely put Wisconsin at a competitive disadvantage with other states, I believe that it is important to share certain details because […]

Rattle Up Grass Bass with Capt. Karl Bunch

Posted: 27th August 2009 by Doug Cavin in Fishin' Tips

As the mercury near his home rarely dips below 80 this time of year, with 90s more the norm, Captain Karl Bunch has stayed busy with the red hot bassing of the Upper Chesapeake Bay. The bay’s grasses are thick, lush and green this time of year, and like most anglers Capt. Karl spends plenty […]

With his background in fisheries biology, Michael Murphy can explain how depleted summer oxygen levels slow down the metabolism of the bass, but it’s enough to know that they, like you, just want things a little cooler. Often, on lakes throughout the mid-south, that forces them down about 10 feet.

Ohio’s Bill Lowen may be the ultimate shallow water fanatic. If his trolling motor isn’t kicking up mud, he’s not happy. So when he hits the major impoundments and the mercury is nearing triple digits, you probably won’t find him sitting on a hump or ledge unless he absolutely has to do it.